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Waterloo, Iowa 50701

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Tuscan Room

Our Tuscan Room offers guests a wide variety of  options with the ability to be divided into two separate areas.



The two options for the larger side of the room include: tuscan2

          The first arrangement is completed with banquet tables,           allowing for seating of 32 – 50.



           The second arrangement in completed with  round                     tables. This allows for seating of 32-50 guests. big rounds





The two options for the smaller side of the room include: short

           The first option is arranged with banquet tables set                     end-to-end. This set-up can accommodate up to  12- 26               guests.





           The second option is arranged with round tables,                         allowing for seating up to 40 guests.





 Finally, the whole Tuscan Room. The photos show the room set up with banquet tables on one side and rounds on the other. To see a better view, in the photo above displays the rounds. This space allows for seating up to 110 guests. There are other table arrangements available based on the number of guests in the party.

big rounds big banquets2